Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

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Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

What is SIP?

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a smart and hassle-free way for one to invest a fixed amount in Mutual Funds at regular intervals. (monthly, quarterly etc) The installment amount could be as little as PKR 500 a month and is similar to a recurring deposit. It is a flexible investment plan which helps you inculcate the habit of saving and accumulate wealth for your future.

Do you want to achieve your long term goals? Start SIP TODAY!

The tip is to start investing early, in order to maximize the end returns.

How to make a SIP?
  • Log into your iSave app and click on the hamburger menu
  • Select “My Sip” from the hamburger menu
  • Tap “Create New SIP
  • Enter your desired product, investment amount, frequency, SIP Day and SIP End Date and tap “Create”
  • You have successfully registered for SIP

Why SIP?


Disciplined Saving

It helps you to save regularly


You can decide the frequency and amount of your SIP and change it whenever you want


The power of compounding is simple. If you save early and save often, your money has more time to grow.

Long-Term Gains

Due to rupee-cost averaging and power of compounding, SIPs have the potential to deliver attractive returns in the longer run.

Tax rebates

You can avail two distinct tax rebates as per Income Tax Law against your investments in Mutual Funds and Voluntary Pension Schemes

Calculate how much you need to SIP

Disclaimer: All investments in mutual fund are subject to market risks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of the future results. Please read the Offering Document to understand the investment policies and the risks involved.